Xenia Herbal Refreshing Herbal Tea Mix (5 in 1)

Product Decription:

Xenia Herbal now comes in a 5 in 1 box! It still consists of you same favourite herbal drinks by the Xenia Herbal brand.

It consist of 10 sachets: 2 sachets of Oven Dried Perilla Leaves, 2 sachets of Oven Dried Pure Pandan Leaves, 2 Oven Dried Lemongrass Ginger Pandan, 2 sachets of Oven Dried Bilimbi and 2 sachets of Peppermint.

This packaging is an improvement made by the Xenia Herbal brand to make it last longer and for hygienic purposes. By packaging them in tea bag forms, you can now make fast and easy tea of your preferred herbal drinks

Standard Delivery : Within 2 - 5 days